Collaborative law is a cooperative method of settling a divorce without courtroom battles and lengthy personal conflict. The most important aspect of a collaborative divorce is that you, the other party and the attorneys all sign a contract agreeing not to litigate. Instead, we work together to negotiate all the terms and dissolve the marriage through creative problem-solving.

We Offer

  • Convenient scheduling of conflict resolution services to address issues before they become major problems
  • Collaboration with external specialists in finance, child development, counseling, personal coaching, career planning and/or marriage preservation
  • Parenting coordination and mediation for post-divorce parents
  • Fair, transparent and easy-to-understand billing
  • A genuine investment in the wellbeing of you and your family
  • Confidentiality out of respect for the privacy of all involved

We can help you avoid court and reach a mutual agreement on all terms, such as:

  • Custody and care of children, parenting plans, visitation schedules
  • Issues of child and spousal support
  • Handling shared business interests
  • Division of marital property, including the principal residence
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