We are committed to creating the most peaceful, respectful, and cost-effective resolution possible for you and your family.

Family Law

Whether it’s marriage preservation, family conflict resolution, legal separation, or divorce, we can develop a customized plan that spares you the expense and emotional trauma of court.

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Collaborative Law

Our collaborative team of professionals help with finances, child development, counseling, personal coaching, career planning and/or marriage preservation to make litigation a last resort.

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We encourage respectful and open discussions between you and the other party to find a mutually satisfying resolution to your dispute outside of the courtroom.

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Schedule a consultation with us if…

You’re not sure divorce is the answer and would like to see if the marriage can be saved.

You’re looking for a customized divorce plan that reflects your priorities and values.

You don’t want to go through a long, stressful court battle navigating Iowa divorce laws.

You want to know how to file for divorce in Iowa and/or access Iowa divorce records.

You need coaching and legal guidance for your future.

You would like to have open communication with your co-parent.

You’re concerned about the effect of divorce on your children.

You want lawyers who truly care about you and your family.

Meet Our Team

How We’re Different

Our methods are designed to restore dignity to all parties and contribute to a healthier society. Rather than recommending extended and costly litigation, we intend to reclaim the practice of law as a healing profession. Our primary concern is finding the most appropriate solution for you and your family.

Why It’s Important

With Tollakson Law, you will receive dedicated legal representation and a comprehensive plan tailored to their unique family situation, including parenting, divorce, and post-divorce plans. Our approach helps set you on a path to healing that will last long after the completion of your case.